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Chairman's Notes

CWT is a world-leader in water technology, creating completely new 21st Century technologies with powerful capabilities able to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. The Genesis Weather System is the powerful engine in our range of commercial and industrial waste water treatment and Blowdown recovery systems. The company is broadening its range of products and services Beyond Waste Water Treatment, Commodity and Water Recovery to sophisticated resourc... More

Shareholder Updates

Creative Water Technology Ltd has released three new ranges of products to build on our initial GENESIS Waste Water System. Altogether the Company now offers four product ranges as follows: GENESIS Waste Water Systems ... our original product offering that recovers up to 97% of water content from dirty water as clean distilled water and extracts a range of commodities; GENESIS Evaporation Systems ... for disposing of waste water at minimum cost wh... More

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About Us

Creative Water Technology is a global engineering and innovation firm, pioneering solutions for industrial, commercial and national water treatment deficiencies.